Main Courses

  • Elachi Bhuna Lamb (Mild to Medium) £6.99

    Onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger & green chilli & avoured with cardamom.

  • Pudna Lamb (Mild to Medium) £6.99

    Cooked with onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger & mixed fresh mint.

  • Methi Chicken (Mild to Medium) £5.99

    cooked with onions, tomatoes, fresh fenugreek leaves.

  • Karahi Dishes £6.45

    These dishes are cooked with a thick rice, dry sauce, using green peppers, blended spices garnished with lemon & fresh coriander.

  • Hyderabadi Biryanies £6.45

    These dishes are specially fried and cooked with basmati fried rice, avoured with saron and accompanied with curry sauce of your choice or raita (yoghurt sauce).

  • Vindaloo (Very Hot) £5.99

    The classic very hot dish from India, plenty of spices & chillies.

  • Madras (Mild to Hot) £5.99

    A hot sauce cooked with chillies, a hint of lemon juice and plenty of spice.

  • Pathia (Mild to Medium) £5.99

    Slightly sweet and sour, cooked with mango chutney and lemon sauce.

  • Rogan Josh (Mild to Medium) £5.99

    A rich sauce cooked with onions, tomatoes, selected spices and garnished with coriander.

  • Korma (Mild) £5.99

    A delicate dish of cream & coconut producing a very mild curry.

  • Dansak (Mild to Medium) £5.99

    Marinated in lemon juice and cooked in a spicy lentil sauce with crushed pineapple.

  • Bhuna (Mild to Medium) £5.99

    Popular dish, with browned onions & selected spices to provide a very tasty meal of mild to medium.

  • Dopiaza (Mild to Medium) £5.99

    An onion based dish, seasoned and freshly cooked with several spices to produce a natural mild to medium spicy taste.

  • Chicken Makhani (Medium) £6.10

    Chicken legs marinated in yoghurt delicate herbs & cooked in a charcoal oven with tomatoes, onions, cashew nuts, garlic, ginger & butter sauce.

  • Vegetable £3.99

  • Keema £3.99

  • Prawn £5.99

  • King Prawn £6.99

  • Lamb £6.50

  • Chicken Tikka £6.00

  • Chicken £5.99